About Me

Hi, my name is Elise! I'm a birth and postpartum doula serving families in Richmond & South Delta. I live in Ladner with my husband and daughter and love all things sweet & baked, adventurous and outdoors. I had a doula for the birth of my daughter, who made me feel so empowered and strong in labour and my goal is do the same for you!

I believe that birth is a normal and monumental part of life and can happen safely at home or in hospital. I believe that every family should have access to continuous and non-judgmental care throughout their birth. I believe that the way we give birth matters - that you feel safe, that you have a voice and that you feel in control. Finally, I believe that birth can affect early attachment and the transition to parenthood. 

"How we give birth matters—and not just for the day itself. An empowering, confident start can have a lifelong impact on the physical and emotional health of both mom and baby" -Milli Hill

Why Wind and Roots?

A couple summers ago I was camping with some friends and we were caught in a wind storm. Trees were falling all around us—on powerlines, right beside our tent and on top of my friend’s car. Definitely one of the scariest moments of my life! That experience has always stuck with me. How could 30 trees fall down within an hour? Shallow roots. The blowing of the wind forces trees to send their roots deep for strength, for safety and stability. The notion that the wind can either strengthen roots or uproot trees is a powerful image. Only the strongest deep-rooted trees will survive the storms in their lives. All mothers, whatever type of birth they experience, will need to go deep into the essence of who they are, and they will all reap the beauty of meeting their child for the first time. 

My Training

  • Wise Women Way of Birth Doula Training - Birth Takes a Village 

  • Advanced Comfort Measures for Doulas - Birth Takes a Village

  • Birth Doula Training - Douglas College

  • BA in Psychology

  • Labour and Birth Doula - Doula Canada (certifying)

  • Postpartum Doula - Doula Canada (certifying)